Two weeks of "Sweeding"

The came, they saw, they... went back to Sweden!

Vacation´s over. Two weeks along with the family, seeing everything from odd street signs to messed up proposes in front of 20 000 people. Yes, time does fly when you´re having fun!

April 4th was the day of the Thedeby reunion, after almost ten months apart, in Somerset lake - PA. It was very surreal seeing them stepping out of the rental car, like ghosts from a parallel world, beeing able to hug them and realise they actually made it across the seas. Notecing their reactions while showing them around the neighbourhood, expalining that I actually live here, felt a bit weird. So did the dinner along with my host family the followning evening. Like putting two worlds together I was the piece which combined Sweden with America, and I watched my parents talk echonomy with Dough while my brothers were teaching "my" kids how to skateboard. American bbq was on the menu and I gotta say the mixture of ages, cultures and swenglish turned out pretty well.

Arriving to the States for the first time the Thedeby´s were planning to see three of the east cost´s biggest cities: Philadelphia, Washington DC and (of course) New York. Starting out with Philly Max got to fulfill his dream skating in the LOVE-park along with the american youths with the same passion for getting bruies, out of falling off a piece of wood with wheeles, flying down a rail. While the bro was exploring the atmosphere of the legendary skatepark, the rest of us watched an interesting fight going on between some skaters and bikers about who´s park it was. When the poliece got called to the spot we decided to leave it before Max, carrying a skateboard, got arrested and headed towards the Rocky stairs. Seeing that and the Liberty bell we felt pleased with Philadelphia, and headed towards the capital instead. The weather in DC left a bit to wish for but we got to see  the White House from a fair distance, thousands of white gravestones reminding us of all the dead bodies underneath us at the Arlington cemetary and the amazing giant tooth pick. 

After getting a picture of the city from where the worlds greatest country is controled we packed ourself into the car spending 7 hours listening to the anoyingly calm voice of the GPS-woman saying "recalculating" before we got down to Charlotte, North Carolina, and our Swedish friends. There we got two days of REAL coffee, watching two-year-olds and some fun/hard yoga workout at Wii fit before getting back into the car for a 10 h drive back up to Pensylvania. After spending the night in my surroundings once more we took a fair goodbye to the car and the GPS woman, and took a shuttle to NYC. 

Even though I´ve been in "the big apple" three times before I haven´t really seen that much, except for stores and taxi cars, so the four days we spent there really gave me chance to explore and fall in love with the city with more citizens then the whole country of Sweden. With an enthusiastic father I, along with the rest of the Thedebys, got to see: the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Central Park, Harlem, Rockefeller Center, the Museum of natural history and Empire State Building. There was a lot of walking involved (but with converse from Australia you can do anything) but we had the greatest time. My favourites were definately Central Park, with its blooming trees and romantic atmoshere, and Time Squre. As a great ending of the trip we had two amazing nights in a row watching a real NBA game at Madison Square Garden followed by the musical HAIR on Broadway. An American basketball game has a class of its own. With 20 000 people watching live, amazing 3 pointers, cheerlearers and heaps of snackbars the experience is beyong explainability. Sports are great, but for me there is something way better - watching professional plays and musicals - and where do you go but not to Braodway if you wanna see the best of the best? Tickets are expensive, but for a once in a lifetime experience it´s definately worth it. After watching HAIR on video for the first time I had a period of hippie dreams, and seeing it live was something I really looked forward to. The story differed a bit from the one in the movie and the show was very - right hippie - with a lot of crazy dancing, potsmoking and sex-talking. In the end of the first act the cast chocked us all by taking off all of their clothes finishing the last song totally naked, and after the show the audience were welcomed up on stage to "get a hug from a sweatty hippie". It was a very special show, with a lot of amazing singers, and a super cool experience!

After watching naked people together on a Thursday night it was once more time from the Thedebys to say goodbye for a period of over two months. After having two wonderful weeks in their company I feel ready to handle two more months by myself in the States before it´s time to return home. Even though I fell in love with New York, and don´t feel a strong wish of returning to Sweden I am, and will always be, a Thedeby - cause those are the awesomest!   


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