... and then we went club´n in New York City

Four girls one city... get ready for a crazy weekend!

I´ve gotta confess that when I sat at Starbucks coffee last Friday by myself, wondering if I would get home to the night, that I wasn´t gonna come back to THE city again - at least not this year. Our plans to go club´n in New York City got changed, and after saying goodbye to my family I had to make it on the bus to Wilmington, with or without ticket. One week later I felt confident of seeing "The Big Apple" once more as I booked a new busticket there. Hostel was booked, plans were made and bags were, as usual, not packed at all. Four gilrs were ready to go. The clubs were waiting for us...

Woke up at 6.30 Saturday morning to, of course pack my bags, and even though we had pleanty of time to begin with we somehow ran late. Emmy drove a bit faster than usual, but we made it to the bus and could all relax with a good book - "German words for kids" as we rolled out of Wilmington. Temperature was about 80 degrees at we steped out at Macy´s, and it didn´t take too long to find our hostel at Westend Avenue. Saturday meant shopping, and we made a great deal of walking through the different stores enjoying our day off. By 6pm we headed back to the hostel to get prepare for the evening and get the first look at the room which, for $15 a night, wasn´t too bad. After pre-partying for a few hours we decided it was time to head out if we were gonna be able to find the club before midnight. Since the hostel was placed at 103rd street and the club at 11th it took a while to get there, and a few stops for directions (but we didn´t talk to strangers :P).

At last we got there! The line was huge, but in some amazing way we managed to discreetly pass the whole line, and thanks to the free tickets Julia had gotten her hands on we didn´t have to pay a cent to get in! The place looked like a club should with discolights, loud music and too much people at the same time. Got a bit of a shock when we, after exactly 4 seconds at the dance floor, got surronded by guys all touching our buts (or for those with dresses even otherintimate places). It makes me mad that just because you are a girl gyus think they have free accsess to your body! In Sweden club´n is about going out dancing having a good time with your friends. It looks more like a concert than anything else with groups of people jumping up and down hugging each other and dancing their faces off. In America it´s different. Here you are axpected to dance boy/girl - tight and sexy - and the guys just come up to you from behind pressing against you expecting you to do the same. Lycklily we found a good spot to dance on without too many males at the same time - a couch on the stage up front. With relief we took off our high heels and danced barefoot. Staying together, helping each other out if we got attaced by the opposite gender, we managed to have a really awesome night with heaps of dancing. As with all workout you get warm and sweaty, feet are hurting and the ears are rining from the loud music - just as it should be.

Even though the place didn´t close till 5 we gave up at 3.30am and took a cab back to the hostel where we crashed on the beds - fully dressed. Morning broke, and after a shower the lost sleep didn´t affect us anymore, so we headed out in the sun - ready for another day in the Big City. Strolling along Broadway, visiting Battery Park (at the south end from where you can see the Statue of Liberty) and Chinatown was nice, but a bit sweaty on the 90 degrees streets. We spent the last few hours in the late afternoon chilli´n out in Central Park - enjoying life, youth and freedom - before it was time to leave for the bus, Wilmington and another working week. Sometimes life is just too good!



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