Happy as can be!

Am writing in English for a change so that the ones, who have not yet learned the best language in the world, can read and understand the greatness of my wiriting skills. :P  

Today I´ve been recieving the most amazing gift I´ve ever got, and I´m still high up in the clouds. Have written before about Mr. Australia, that I met at South Beach Miami during Thanksgiving break, and about how we still keep in touch. Last time I wrote about Valentine´s day and told about the package I sent down to this guy of mystery, and today I my part of Valentine´s gifts in the mail. The kids happily announced this morning that two packages, adressed to me had arrived. Since me, Cat and Emmy (mostly Cat) had ordered stuff from American Eagle I thought the two boxes contained summertops and shorts, so I didn´t bother about opening them at that point and went to swim with the kids instead. By the time we got back my two au pair friends were haning out in the neighbour´s yard so I took the packages out for them to open. We all got a bit confused when the first box was opened and we couldn´t find a single tanktop. Then it dawned opon me - Scott had mentioned something about a Valentine´s gift and this must be it!

The first thing I picked up was a teddybear wearing a t-shirt with the text Scott and Alex. Really cute! :) After that I picked up a small glass bottle with some sand and a small umbrella in it. There was also a rolled up paper in it and after a fiew seconds I realised something might be written on it. Opened the bottle, pulled the paper out, rolled it up and died! At the old fashioned paper, decorated with roses, there was a poem. It was the most besutiful poem I´ve ever read! Like in a faïrytale or a love story about ture love where the guy wirtespoetry for his true love and sends it away in a bottle, stranded on a desert island, to tell her how much he loves her and forever will. I still haven´t got it that this poem was for ME, from a guy who apparently loves ME. This is just to amazing to be true and I am waiting for the wakeup call that will make me realize that this was all a dream.

To everyone that thinks I´m crazy to be in love with a guy I´ve only met once and who lives across the seas, as far away as can be, I just wanna say: There is such a thing as "Love at first sight" and ture love will last if you just believe it will! This is how I´m feeling and no matter what happens in the future Scott Leleu will always have a sertain place in my heart, because he is the most amazing guy I have ever met!

Postat av: Scott

Hey, finally a blog i can read!!

Well im glad i can make you so happy.

It was my pleasure writing that poem.

So all i have left to say is: Mum and dad, I love your daughter, and i would do anything to make her happy.


2009-02-17 @ 03:47:06
Postat av: Dad

What could I say. He really loves you.

We'll see what the future brings.

And to Scott: I know she's a wonderful daughter and I'm happy when she's happy. And you make her happy.

2009-02-17 @ 09:50:43

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