Hip-rolling is def the new way of getting fit

Time for a text in english again. Am thinking that migh be a good practise for me, cause it´s not as easy as wirte (and spell) as it is to talk - believe me!

Didn´t write anything about the weekend, simply because there wasn´t very much to tell about. As said before the skiitrip to New Jersey got canceled so I was mostly chillin and haning out with Emmy. Sunday night I went to Newark and drank coffee with Chris. We were planning to go see "Slumdog Milionare" but unfortunately it didn´t start till 8.45 and by that time I had to be home cause of the "snowstorm". As a sweed who took her drives licence December 20th I don´t get as freaked out about driving in snow as most americans, but the cars here doesn´t have the same quality tiers as we do so it´s better to be "Safe than sorry". Compared to the others "storms" this time it actually snowed pretty much, someone said 14 inches, I would say about 2,5 dm. Not surprisingly school was canceled all Monday, which ment slideing for the kids and making snowmenpirates for me. :P

After watching sick kids for a week I haven´t been able to work out a whole lot. Therefore I was ready for a new beginning Tuesday night when I, happily nad unexpected, got off at 5.30. Went to HAC with Cat who, on the way there, told me there was a Zumba class at 7 o´clock. Zumba is a new class introduced at the gym after New Years. It is a mix between a dance class and a workout one as Sweat. Have been wanting to go for a long time, but all the classes have been put on times when I either work or don´t have the opportunity to take the car there. In other words  I was a bit worried about how I would handle all the moves two months in, but it showed out there was no problem. The class was so much fun! Can tell you it was a good workout but it was not hard since you were focusing on dancing all the times. It was also the perfect class for me to improve my butt-shaking and hip-rolling skills. Right after I told Emmy about it and she was up to testing it the very next morning. Because she didn´t have to drop Eathan off as usuall we got the opportunity to do the morningclass at 8.30, which was a bit different from the one I took last night. With another instructor and different music it was a bit more workout and a bit less dance, but it was still fun (and a lot of shaking involved.P).  I love dancing, so this was really the perfect class for me! I just hope that I can find a way to be able to at leat go to one class a week.

Now I´ve done scene stydy and Zumba. The only thing missing now a some song lessons and I´ll be ready for the Broadway stage! Maybe not, but still it´s always fun to do stuff you like, and who knows? One day these skills might come in handy at some audition where Zumba skills are exactly the kind of skills needed for the "special part"... =)

Postat av: Australian

i like the sound of all this "hip rolling" and "butt shaking". haha sounds sexy, wish i could go watch all this going on.

one thing on your spelling, you spelt 'Dance' wrong a few times, hehe just so you know.

Ps. Long Live the Snowman Pirate!!!

2009-03-05 @ 06:11:19
Postat av: Alex

Ha ha yeah that´s for not checking before publishing again. :P Lucky you can´t see all the misses I do in Swedish. :P Read it through now and saw I missed some n:s here and there - not very neet!

See me rolls my hips - you wish! only if you´re dancing with me. ;)

2009-03-05 @ 14:42:42
Postat av: Alex

There we go again! Rolling*

2009-03-05 @ 14:43:35

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