Kickoff for "Driveway 09"

Another week has passed...
If my life keeps going on at this speed I´ll soon be an old lady. In any chase I think I´ll be a pretty cool one. :P

So What´s new? No a whole lot. The thing with working days is that they don´t differ that much, work is work. This week has been "sticking out" by  being longer, by different meanings. First of all the schooldays have been shorter (which means longer workingdays for me) Wednesday to Friday because of Teaher/Parent conferenses (how does the families without au apirs and stay-home mums work that out?). The kids of Kindergarten, as my youngest host kid, had no school at all and the older ones got home by 1 o´cklock. Luckily the weather has been nice, and since we "turned the time" that days have also felt longer, which has been a perfect deal for the kids to play outside all day long, and for the au pairs to work on the tan - Driveway 09 has begun! Wednesday was the day for rolling up our shirts, laying in the front yard enjoying the fact that we are not in Sweden.

Unfortunately the rest of the week hasn´t been as nice and warm as it was Wednesday, it has actually been pretty cold which is not a fun fact when the sun is shining and you get the feeling of summer by looking out the window. Friday I was all in for having an awesome picknick with my little princess and our neighbour prince charming and so we did, but we ended up sitting at the neighbours deck eating our sandwishes finishing up with strawberries and brownies inside because we were too cold. At night, when I was working late for Jenny and Doug to go to a party, we made pizza with hotdogs and had movienight with new, almost as good brownies, as the ones we made the day before. 

Saturday started out pretty early by getting to the bank and the post office. After that i didn´t do more then working out and talking to my mum for over two hours. At night it was partytime! Jennifer (Cat´s host mum) had her 40´s B-day party down at the clubhouse and we were all invited.  Emmy and I got down there an hour too late (but still two hours before our host parents) and brought some kids with us. After drinking diet Coke (not what I usually prefer to put in my mouth) for a while and hanging out takling to people Doug tought us how to play REAL beerpong (or Coke-pong if you like since we were gonna work later) as playing pingpong trying to hit the cups. If I am good at playing beerpong I was probably the worst playing this game, but it was kind of fun. After loosing a match agains Doug and Emmy, my pal was a goodlooking 23 year old named Rayan, it was time to bring the kids home and put them to bed. It went pretty smoothly and afterwards I decided to watch Twilight that had come out on "On Demand" that same day. However Doug and Jenny came home pretty early so I was talking to them instead of paying attantion to the movie so I might have to watch it again...

Sunday morning started out with a wakeup phonecall from Australia - best alarmclock ever, even early Sunday mornings, after which I took a long walkj with Emmy and went in to Hockessin for breakfast. Spent most of the day writing an essay about myself for Silverbay. It is absolutely impossible to write 5 whole pages about yourself. There is not that much to tell! After finishing up four pages I gave up and went to a "party" hosted by a woman from my Scene Study class. It took us, Emmy came with me, a while to get there without GPS and we got lost a few times, but we finally got it right and there is only one "type-word"/american teenage expression for that house : OMG! The house was HUGE and sooo nice. Totally amazing! To pick out some rooms to tell about they had a movie theater, a gym in the basement and two bathrooms conected to their bedroom (one for her and one for him). We got served some apertisers and hang out for a few hours talking abouth everything from acting to French Wines (even though I didn´t have much to add in that discussion).

Tomorrow it´s Moday again, as I said - old lady coming. At least I know who I want to end my days with at age 113 and I guess it wont be to hard for you to figure out...


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