An awesome weekend

The day after...
It was a wild night last night - awesomly wild! (yes I just made up that word). With wild I mean in a fun way. Going crazy for me is just doing something fun, that you don´t normally do, with your friends and are having a good time. Last night was one of those nights. Chris invited us, me and Emmy, to a houseparty and I can tell that I got a use for my new daNce moves.

The family decided, pretty unexpected, to go skiing this weekend instead and said I was welcome to join them if I wanted to. That would have been fun, and I know the kids really wanted me to, but I just didn´t feel like crashing down a hill for the entire weekend so I said "No thanks". After getting off as early as 5pm I had some time to relax before I went over to Emmy, who worked late, and we made the most awesome dinner! I cook every day for the kids, but usually never take time to make something good for myslelf. It feels kind of pointless to make something for just one person. One of the greatest things with these kids however is that they eat pretty much everything. They love seafood, eat all kinds og vegetables and Sara (who is 6 years old) even asks me for coffeee! I can just open the fridge, take out all the vegies I find, mix them together in a pan with some chicken, serve it with brown rice and they´ll love it. That is def woth an A+. To get back to the poinnt me and Emmy decided to cook something together last night and made an incredible salmond pasta. Topped it with some olives and swedish shrimp that I found in our freezer and the masterpiece was complete!

After Emmy got off we did some quick cloth changing and put on some extra makeup get into the right partymood. Chis came and picked us up, right at the time when Doug came home with Angelo to have the big opening night of his new flatscreen TV and surrond system (opening movie - The Dark Night) which would actually have been fun to join, but not as fun as a party. "All" the previous parties we´ve been to here have been at Dan´s place, but last night was at a different spot. A friend to Chis had arrenged a huge houseparty with heaps of people and even a DJ who played cool music and had discolights set up in the livingroom. Me and Emmy rocked it pretty good on the dancefloor. Got some invitations from guys who wanted to dance with the hot sweeds and we had a great time. Danced pretty close to a guy for a long time that I thought was Chis, and didn´t really care if he was a bit touchy cause I know we´re just friends, but when I turned around I realised it was someone else that I hadn´t seen before. Got a bit of a shock but I just walked away and didn´t see him more that night. He was a pretty good danced though. :P

Slept at Chis´s cousins house and got a ride home this morning. Haven´t been doing a whole lot today so far but tonight I´m gonna invite some swedish friends and have a "girlsnight". Lighted candles, soma cheese and crackers and maybe a glas of wine since Cat is now 21 and allowed to buy. I also think we might try to put on the TV and have our own opening of the amazing new piece of technology invested in. In other words this weekend seems to go to history as one of the better ones. =)

Postat av: Hanna

I had an awsome evening/night/morning, thanks for everything Alx.


2009-03-10 @ 14:33:37

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