"Banging" at Newark Street Party

After two weeks of working with no break in between it was really nice having the weekend off! Trashed Emmy´s basement Friday night, since mine was taken by aroung 15 screaming girls aged 8-10 who were ahving a sleep-over party. "Thanks to" the darkness in her room we didn´t wake up till 11.15 (!) which is the longest I´ve slept in since I got here 11 months ago. Decided to get up pretty quick to get something out of the day and went, after a short conversation with my now 13 year old brother (No, he´s till 9 to me), to get some gift-shopping done. Of course we ended up buying everything else but what we should, but we also went eating at the most awesome, as American as you can imagine, place called Ruby´s diner. It was like stepping in to a sixties movie and of course we ha milkshake, which was incredible good and probably as unhealthy.

While reaching the goal of shopping trip Chis called to ask if we were up for partying?! After about halv a ten´s second of consideration we said Yes and headed home to get the camera and a toothbrush before leaving for Newark. (Thank you Bruce who let us take the car over noight!). After just 10 min of being lost we found the place and OUR guy, and got introduced to a bunch of his friends, all new to us. Even though you could sense the rain coming it was warm and we were chill´n at the backside "deck" listening to techno music and learning how to play dice. A guy showed up and offered us some awesome straws, Emmy got pineapple/pear that came to be named "the onion ring" and I got a strawberry/onange one, that we used for drinking beer all night long. I met a lot of cool guys that I tought to say "We´re partying"(Vi festar) and I showed a guy how to REALLY drink wiskey. He was about to waste it by mixing it with Diet Coke?!

Around 10.30 we headed out towards some crazy "Jungle party" but stopped buy another place at first where Emmy found some music dudes who she JAMED with! Emmy is the God of Jimmie Hendrix and have wanted to find someone to play with ever since she got here, and finally she got her oportunity.She was a bit shy at first of course and it took a while to convince her to grab the guitar, but when she did she was ROCK`n it! The others just followed and I, along with the others watching, were digg´n like crazy twisting and singing along. Even though my jaw hurt I couldn´t stop smiling and I was so happy for Emmy who finally got what she has wanted for so long!

We all wanted the playing to last forever, but it started to get late, and it wasn´t exactly silent music, so they stoped before the cops would come and tell them to. Instead we haeded toward the "jungle" party which was so crowded you could barely breath. Jungle wasn´t exact the feeling of the small overcrowded appartment packed with girls dressed in sexy Zebera(no they don´t live in the jungle) underwear, maybe with an exception for the tropical heat in the room. We stayed for a while haning with some people we knew before squeezing out in the rain to walk back to the "second" place of our visit. There we ended up stadning outside in the dizzeling rain talking all night long ( some did more then just talk), and I had a conversation about America with a smart guy who was going to move to Thailand in two weeks. We also met Rocky (I swear he looked like the real one whoe´s statue is by the stairs of the Philadelphia Muséum of arts) who actually had been in Stockholm. He said he liked it but that the Movie Theaters were very small.

At 3.45 am I found myself half laying in a sofa in a "hippie-girl" appartment with a blanket over my legs, and the quite damaged straw still sticking out of my bra. Three hours later I found myself waking up in the same sofa after a short night´s sleep but with a feeling that I had a Baninging last night!


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