Fire - playful and fascinating

I love fire...
It´s warm, it´s colourful and it´s fascinating. Is there anything better, or more romantic, than sitting around a bondfire - on the beach just looking into the flames playfully and unpredictable rising towards the sky. Feeling the heat against your legs and face, hearing the crackling sound as the wood crumbles into pieces - releasing the energy that has been kept inside for so long...

Fire is unpredictable. It can do good - keep us warm, help us cook or stay safe. Without fire men would never have developed to what we are today. But fire can also be decieving. It destroys - it kills! Fire has to be respected! It is a great force of nature that can not be fully controlled, nor trusted.

I like to "play" with fire. As a 15 year old I learned to juggle with tourches. Was already able to handle three balls, keeping them in the air at the same time, but torches semmed cooler so I practised for one whole summer juggling with stick before ordering real torches. Lightening them on fire for the first time was really frightening - not because it´s harder. Juggling with torches that are lit is the same thing as juggling whithout flames, but the sound makes it feel harder. The swishing sound pulls your attention and make it feels harder than it is. You don´t have to be afraid doing it. I have never burnt myself. The question "Have you never caught them in the wrong end?" is common. The answer is simple: "Of cours not!" You don´t juggle with your eyes closed. If the torch comes down upside down you don´t catch it! It´s as simple as that. Even if you would, your natural reflexed would let go of it before you could even feel the heat. It´s not harder juggling with lit torches - still it´s not easy! When it´s dark, the only thing you can see is the fire and that is not where you catch it! Juggling torches in the dark is therefore more a sence, a felling, than anything else. You could do it with your eyes closed...

After juggling with fire for a year I wanted to learn something new. I had friends that could breath fire, which seemed very powerful to me. Unfortunately they refused to teach me, so I had to figure it out by myself. One afternoon as my parents  took off I sneaked out on the backyard. Torch and fire fluid in my hands and tried. It went good, except the the texture of the liquid combined with the heat of it made it impossible to feel it pouring into my mouth. Didn´t realised how much I had in it till it overflowded. Tasting it for the first time almost made me through up. The flavour is none-decribable. Since it´s chemically made it tastes like nothing you´ve ever tasted that comes naturally from nature. Breathing fire is easy, the easyest thing to learn of all the tricks to do with fire, but also the hardest to master and the most dangerous! Breathing a cloud of fire is not hard. As you imagine, you just put some liquid in your mouth and breath it out on a torch. Making it look good on the other hand is an art. I have friends that are able to breath a 4 m cloud right up towards the sky, from their mouth (torch taken away) - standing on their knees. That is cool! Seeing pictures of myself breathing a small "fireball" is almost pathetic. To those who have never seen it before it might be coll, but to those who knows the art I´m a beginner. Taking good pictures is also an art. You gotta catch the cloud at the right moment to get a great one. My brother succeded taking a picture of me breathing a heart. The picture is very cool, even though I have no idea how I did it...

As said, breathing fire is dangerous - very dangerous. Swallowing the fluid is not the worst, you always do - a little. From what I´ve heard you can drink about 3 dl of fire fluid (a bit more than a cup) before it´s life threatening - not that you should. If you happen to swallow some the only rule is - DO NOT THROW UP! When you do all passeges open, which means also the one to your lugns. Getting fluid in your lungs is the dangerous part, that can get you killed. As a natural rule therefore never get the idea of breathing fire after drinking alcohol - except the vomiting part it is not a good idea. Focus is the main part of doing it safetly. Not just the fluid itself but also the steams of it can be dangerous to inhale. I have a friend breathing fire as he was about to get sick and han an infection in his body that put the immune system down. As he inhaled the steams it hurt his lugns and he ended up at hospital with a chemical pneumonia.

The skill of breathing fire is not complete till you learn putting the flame out - with your moth. The worst part of it is getting the guts to do it. Holding the burning torch upside down over your face, feeling the heat as you lower it, daring to take the last step and close your lips around it is more scary than it looks like. Telling the truth I don´t know the techinqe of it, if there is one, which might be the reason to why I´ve burnt myself several times. Being stupid enough using a breathing torch (with an iron shaft instead of a wooden one) I have ended up having blisters and swollen lips for a week after hearing the frying sound as the inside of my mouth met the heat of the flame - not very pleasent.

There are many tools to use while "playing" with fire of which tourches are the basic ones. One of the coolest firetoys there is, probably being developed from some kind of weapon used in martial arts, are the ones called poi. Simply decribed it´s a chain, attached to some kind of wiegth that can be put on fire, in one end and two loops to stick your fingers through in the other. The art is to swing them, making different patterns in the air, showing strings of fire in the air if it´s dark. Pretty easy to learn and very effectful. Swinging poi is the newest of my skills, and I have much more to learn berfore I get really good, but is something I enjoy preforming and practesing. Doing poi, as well as juggling, is pretty safe and it´s hard to get hurt - or put on fire, since you swing them too fast for the fire to get a change to attatch anywhere...

How come I "play" with fire? As I´ve said I think fire is a fascinating element - to be respected - and cool to be able to "master". Being a fire preformer is a lifestyle - an artistic one. It takes some feeling to enjoy it, and personally I am pretty proud of being a swedish, blond 19 year old firebreathing GIRL. Being able to do things that not a very big amount of people are, and that most people are impressed by is a great feeling. Having it as a hobby, practesing every once in a while, preforming to family and frinds (and sometimes at ocations as birthday parties or festivals) is enough for me. I have no plans taking this further. Starting out as a 15 year old I have never gotten hurt, except some blisters in my mouth from time to time. Once I burnt the eyelashes off my left eye, which made me look pretty weird for a few weeks, getting reminded of the risks with breathing fire when it´s windy. (Figured the fire could only have been mm from my eye.) Even though I´m not a beginner anymore I still respect the fire and it´s forces, and know never to be wreckless.

Fire is a good thing, fascinating and playful. Never to be feared but respected. Wathcing fire as it  burns never gets you bored. The ever-changing life of the flames as the release the enery of it´s source can keep me entertained for hours. The heat of it makes a frozen person as me enjoy it even more as it has the power to change the climate of the clodness in the north, or the darkness at night. Enjoy the forces of fire! It´s a gift from nature that needs to be appreciated for what it is - an element of heat and comfort!

Postat av: Moa

Vad häftigt att du kan sånt=) Jag har alltid beundrat de som vågar spruta eld och så vidar... Du får visa dina skills på ditt homecoming-party;) Kram

2009-05-31 @ 16:44:55
Postat av: Mormor

Thank you for the lesson my dear fiery granddaughter

2009-06-01 @ 13:12:09
Postat av: Frillo

OK, trodde vi lärde dig blåsa eld. Det blev kanske inte så, för när jag blev sjuk så slutade vi blåsa eld i stort sett. Vill du så kan jag lära dig allt om eldblåsning och gå igenom eldsäkerheten med dig igen. Kan lära dig några nya poitricks också om du vill =)

Kommer även köra lite transfers i sommar. (När du eldar på kroppen tex du tänder eld på läpparna med facklan och tänder en ny fackla med dina brinnande läppar.

Transfers och eldslukning imponerar nästan mer än eldblåsning.

2009-06-03 @ 01:02:41
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