LBI - pleasure and burnt skin.

Back again!
11.10 pm I once agin unpacked the car of bathinsuits and groceies while the parents carried the sleeping children upsatirs and put them to bed. It was a long weeken, a great one, and I burnt all the pieces of my body possible - including my ears!

LBI - Long Beach Island - New Jersey is one of the coolest places I have been to. It is just perfect! As the name tells i´t is simply a long island surrounded by beaches, with houses in the middle. There are cool shops and restaurantes, hot life guards, and just the best place to hang out with all your friends. As a fact of matter I wasn´t spending this long Memorial weekend with all my friends but with my hostfamily and their relatives. Might not sound as a dream but I had a great time, and would have loved to stay there for the rest of my time here.

The reason I got the privilege to spend a this weekend at a place like that, is that Doug´s mother - and husband - owns a beach house at the north shore, which is one of the most beautiful and memorable houses I have ever been to. It is big, and has beds enough, to fit 20 people at the same time. The posision is just perfect, right by the shore, and you can see the ocean from the fronside deck/balkony/roof/kitchen. The interior is white and incedible relaxing (imagine waking up in the biggest bed, in a white room where the walls are decorated with sea-shells hearing the sound of the ocen outside the window) an everything is suited to fit a bunch of kids and their parents. The kitchen is huge (with a gigantic fridge, two dishwashers and a dining table with room for 16 people), there are bathrooms everywhere, beachtowles and toys enough to please an army (of kids) and TV rooms prepared with all the new kids´ movies. As the host stands grandma - alias Superwoman - who is one of the most admirable persons I have ever met! She is funny, playful and always smiling but sticks to her rules and when she speaks even the big boys bow their heads in respect. If I´m ever going to be a grandma myself I have a certain rollmodel right there, and it would be a dream to have a house just like hers. (Who said money doesn´t matter?)

Me, Jenny and the kids arrived to the house Thursady night and got the house to ourselves the entire Friday. Even though the weather wasn´t perfect we got  a great Friday together going to the bay, exploring "Viking Village", playing Tag at the beach and throwing clam-shells from the roof at sunset. Saturday started out with breakfast at the roof (strawberries and bluberries with milk) overlooking the ocean, followed by half a day enjoying the sun at the beach. At noon, as the clouds started to cover the sun, I decided to "explore" the island. Grabed my purse and started walking, and after about 6,5 miles (10 km) I found some shops breaking the pattern of great beach houses. Bought myself a coffeee and prepared my mind for the long walk back. Luckily I got picked up after only a mile by Jenny who was passing by, taking Elin to get her ears pierces. It wasn´t till then when I sat down I realised my feet really hurt (walking that distance in flip flops hasn´t been by most brilliant idea) and examining them I found out I had big blisters between my toes as well as under my feet. Also had a nice red tone covering my face, arms and shoulders keeping me up half the night with burning heat. Nice, sweaty and sexy as I was I must have made an awersome first inpression on the cousins (16 and 18 year old girls with boyfriends), but after showering they would still let me join for dinner and gave me a spot underneath the blanket on the wet roof as they watched the stars.

Sunday was cloudy and windy so I got to be the driver of all kids, cousins and boyfriends to the minigolf place, and yes I did come at last place. At night we had a poker tournament and to my big irritation Doug kicked me out with one point. I will revenge him before I go back home, no question about it! 

Last day, Memorial Day, was great! Weather was nice so it was beach all day long, which of course led to more redness and pain, but who cares when you get to enjoy the beach?!   Saying goodbye to the house, the island and of course super grandma at night was hard. I will really miss her and Rick a Lot, but hopefully I will have a truthful penpal! One long last weekend with the family at the beach felt very good and now I just have to enjoy the last month as much as I poissibly can before I go back to the coldness and rain of Sweden!


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